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Sponsor Spotlight

The following sponsors have provided book sets to partnering youth leadership groups and foster care homes.

We cultivate 

Legacy-Minded Servant-Leaders™

from among learners of all ages.

Professional Development

for Business

Barnes Healthcare Services

Enay Coaching partnered with Barnes Healthcare Services, a family-owned, southeast regional home care company currently in its fourth generation of leadership, to enhance their professional development programs. This phenomenal company shares the phenomenal results of our collaboration here.


Our four-year partnership with Valdosta Early College Academy in Valdosta, GA has blossomed into a robust student leadership team. Learn about the curriculum we developed for this inspiring group of students thriving in an innovative environment.


Leadership Coaching for Schools

Valdosta Early College Academy

Family Legacy


Georgia Sheriffs Boys Ranch

Enay Coaching provides academic support to youth in foster care at Georgia Sheriffs Boys Ranch, as well as professional training and coaching for optimal interactions between youth and caregivers. See details about the curriculum we use in the foster care setting.


Our Products

Develop your team and transform your business from the inside out.

Business Coaching

Professional Development (Business) Work

Award-winning Leadership Development curriculum, programs, and resources for educators and students.

Education Programs

Professional Development (School) Workbo

Cultivate your family legacy with clear goals and support for a bright future.

Family Coaching

Professional Development (Build-A-Plan)