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FosterCareForward is a solutions-based working group led by Enay Coaching and hosted by the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education’s Rural Learning Networks. We aim to improve outcomes for youth in foster care by spotlighting and advancing effective programs and practices in education and workforce readiness.

What are the Rural Learning Networks?

Current Collaborators

FosterCareForward collaborators include stakeholders from GADoE, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, DFCS, Georgia Appleseed (GAA), MENTOR Georgia, Great Promise Partnership, foster youth residential services, and school districts, each exercising regional impact across the state.

          Read our 2022 Quarterly Reports (1-pg)

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FCF 2022Q1 Report

Q1 Report

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Q2 Report

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Q3 Report

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Q4 Report

Friendly Business Team

Your expertise in one of these areas may contribute more to foster care solutions than meets the eye:

  • healthcare & insurance

  • school justice partnerships

  • mediation

  • real estate & property development


At Enay Coaching, we work to:

  • increase awareness & avoid redundancy,

  • spotlight great advocacy work, and

  • help build bridges and networks

in the effort to improve education and workforce outcomes for youth in foster care.

Collaborative Workgroup Issues:

Issue 1: Increasing HB855 Implementation (Assessing Foster Care Youth for Trauma Impacts)  Download the Implementation Guide

Issue 2: Enabling speedy academic record reconciliation

Issue 3: Optimizing academic remediation opportunities 

Issue 4: Strengthening pipelines from foster care to careers

Join the Conversation

Please provide your information below to indicate your area of interest and connect with a Workgroup.

See the full December 2021 Stakeholder Presentation

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