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Coaching Systems for Schools

We partner with schools to bring our award-winning solutions to the classroom, cultivating the Legacy-Minded Servant-Leaders™ needed to overcome the challenges of the 21st-century world.


Beyond Academics


Technical skills alone are not enough for the 21st Century workplace. Along with skills, business-quality leadership, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking are the attributes employers desire most. However, too many students are still emerging from the education system without them.

Although often described as "soft skills," the attributes necessary for the successful application of career training can be quantified, and our coaching system makes them practical, measurable, and effective in the real world.

Legacy-Minded Servant-Leadership

Through our proprietary activities, animated Ascend KidCase Studies, and interactive coaching, students wake up to the need for core character attributes in every area of life, and learn to use career skills in a way that benefits generations to come.

Leadership & Teamwork      Communicating for Success   •   Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

  Financial Literacy   •   Youth Entrepreneurship

Workbooks & Online LeaderLab
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 Quarter or Semester Adapted Programs
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Teacher Guides with Discussion & Activities
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Core concepts aligned with CTAE Standards
Getting Started

Tell us about your school below, and one of our Coaches will connect with you for a complimentary consultation by phone.

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