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Case Study

Barnes Healthcare Services

HQ: Valdosta, GA  •  Employees: 250  •  Annual Revenue Class: $10M-$50M

Barnes Healthcare Services is a family-owned, southeast regional home care company currently in its fourth generation of leadership. It is one of the largest privately owned durable medical equipment companies in the country, with nine locations in Georgia and Florida.

Workshop Participants

  • Operations Managers

  • Operations Support Coordinator 

  • Pharmacy Operation Manager

  • Authorization Supervisor

  • Director of Process Improvement

  • Director of Nutrition Services

  • Director of Respiratory Services

  • Directors of Sales 

  • Director of Sales Training

  • Billing Supervisor Government

  • Patient Benefits Manager

  • Manager of Professional Licensure

Teamwork, Learning, and Leadership Development 

Charlie Barnes, CEO

"An engaged team is the most powerful asset any organization can have. When you have an engaged team with the right leadership, the sky is the limit. Enay Coaching provided Barnes Drug Store with an invaluable workshop centered around teamwork. We dove into the meat of what teamwork really means with clear vocabulary and definitions. This produced high-value discussions and learning moments for our team. We explored challenging subjects, such as being “siloed” in our thinking, not looking at the big picture, or at times being selfish regarding our resources at the sacrifice of the greater good of the organization. Enay Coaching not only provided great discussion, collaboration, and thoughtful facilitation around these subjects, but used a teamwork activity to further bring home the concepts of the day and propose clear action steps to put into everyday practice."

Team Feedback

Company leaders scored the session highly in our survey on a scale of 1-5

1=Poor  •  2=Fair  •  3=Neutral  •  4=Good  •  5=Excellent


Quality of Content: 

4.75 out of 5



4.63 out of 5

Real Work Applicability: 

4.75 out of 5

“I really enjoyed the interaction with the guest speakers and them making the topic relatable. It was very useful!!!”

“I absolutely loved the game and presentation this time…it was great!”

“The presenter was AWESOME!! Very informative!”

Return on Investment

“People are your most valued and powerful resource, and working on the development of your team increases their value even more.” - Charlie Barnes IV


"Time is the primary cost of any meeting. When you say “yes” to something, you are saying “no” to everything else. We spent two hours in our session with Enay Coaching and received great returns for this time."


"Anyone can learn a concept, but putting it into action requires a high level of passion, initiative, and discipline. Opening the door to learning opportunities is just one critical action we must all take to advance the development of our teams. Although some of the gains are intangible, we can measure the appreciated value of our teams by the new or improved skill sets and behaviors."

"We can only achieve these outcomes with the right type of training, which involves establishing the right practices with the right goals and accountability around them. Then it takes skill from a coach or mentor to break down the walls that may block advancement for the organization. That’s when the intangible gains begin to produce real business results. Enay Coaching provides a phenomenal program and venue for doing just that."

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