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Professional Development for Organizations

Featuring the Ascend™ Coaching System

Schools, businesses and organizations look to us when they are seeking inspiration, insight, and innovation in the journey toward their goals.

An Inside-Out Approach


Discovery      •      Assessment      •      Workshops      •      Coaching


We engage you, the leader, and your leadership team, to share your insights into the current health of your organization in the areas of management, communication, marketing, and operational processes. We’ll identify priorities and establish a plan and schedule for the next steps toward your vision and goals.



We use our research and diagnostic tools to identify opportunities to strengthen your team. Our methods help locate critical obstacles and root issues that can be overcome with tangible resources and common sense practices.



Through our expert facilitation and fun, collaborative discussion and activity sessions with your team, we help your organization develop a practical roadmap toward success. We also identify and discuss the business tools and resources needed to fulfill your roadmap. 



You’ll have an Enay-certified coach as your accountability partner to encourage and assist you with at least two coaching calls per month, the Ascend Workbook, and our online LeaderLab. We’ll address key performance indicators and basic practices, and you’ll see your team and tools blend together to create the results you’ve always wanted for your organization.

Tailored Solutions

Our programs are based around our award-winning Ascend™ Curriculum, including workbooks and subscription-based access to the online LeaderLab. We deliver customized coaching based on insights gained through Discovery and Assessment with your team, and journey alongside your organization toward your key business goals. 

Professional Development (Business) Onli
Professional Development (Business) Work
Charlie Barnes.jpg

"We can only achieve [desired] outcomes with the right type of training, which involves establishing the right practices with the right goals and accountability around them. Then it takes skill from a coach or mentor to break down the walls that may block advancement for the organization. That’s when the intangible gains begin to produce real business results. Enay Coaching provides a phenomenal program and venue for doing just that."

Charlie Barnes, CEO

Barnes Healthcare Services

HQ: Valdosta, GA  •  Employees: 250  •  Annual Revenue Class: $10M-$50M

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