School & District Partnerships

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  • English Language Arts

  • Title I & Intervention

  • Parent Coaching

  • Private Tutoring Referrals


We partner with your academic team to help any student reach his or her full potential.


Our Approach

Tailored Learning Styles – through an initial assessment of academics and learning style profile,  we develop a plan to teach each student in the specific ways he or she learns best.

Links to Skills – when students truly understand how today’s schoolwork can prepare them for their future career and family life, they become self-motivated and eager to build upon their progress.

Whole-Student Development – success in school is more than academics; we also address study habits and organization skills to help students take more responsibility for their progress.

Our Work & Results

Our average results are +12.5 grade points for private tutoring students, and +5.6 points for in-school tutoring students per quarter.

We have collaborative client and resource-sharing partnerships with several local middle and high schools, as well as Valdosta State University.

We have endorsements from every school we’ve worked with, citing significant increases in grades and character development performance. Our tutors are certified by the International Tutor Training Program Certification of the College Reading and Learning Association.

See what happens when struggling students develop standards-based math foundations through small group leadership opportunities, introduction to basic programming, and entrepreneurship activities!




  • Meet leadership & teachers to create plan

  • Select student group and set strategic goals

  • Establish service & payment schedule



  • Qualify assessment tools for start-point

  •  Assess selected student group

  •  Collect data & set student-specific goals



  • Execute tutoring plan

  • Constant collaboration with teachers

  • Student schedule evaluation



  •  Assess selected student group


  • Collect & report data; feedback loop

  • Re-evaluate student placement

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