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Coaching Systems for Families

Home is the first classroom. We partner with you to help make your home a learning place for Legacy-Minded Servant-Leadership™. 

What will your family be remembered for?


Life's most important lessons can have a simple start at the dinner table, yet ripple out to every area of life for generations to come. We partner with families, churches, and organizations to bring our award-winning solutions to the home, to help you and your loved ones walk in unity toward a worthy, lasting legacy.

Professional Development (Build-A-Plan)

Our Build-a-Plan workbooks inspire fresh insight, guide life-changing conversations, and simplify a practical roadmap toward a clear family plan. 

Invite us to your next church or homeschool event or family reunion for a new look at how family members can work together to cultivate Legacy-Minded Servant-Leaders™ starting at home.

We can scale our presentations for any audience, from a major event keynote to a small group workshop. With our dynamic, interactive teaching activities that take lesson content from concept to practical experience, we deliver proven principles and pathways to better leadership, teamwork, communication, financial literacy, and more.

Getting Started

Tell us about yourself below, and one of our coaches will connect with you for a complimentary consultation by phone.

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