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Our Sponsorship Packages help students and schools achieve bright futures, and also publicize you or your business on our website, newsletters, and PR, announcing your commitment to helping cultivate a workforce ready to take on 21st century challenges.


We have two types of sponsorships:

Tutoring Scholarships and Classroom Connections.

Be a Sponsor



100% of your sponsorship goes toward scholarships for students' tutoring fees. This is an especially tremendous help to families who wish to enroll multiple children!


Your business will receive progress reports on your sponsorship impact, as well as a supporter badge with your company name on our website and web publications.



Warm-Up Rescue

$400 Sponsorship - 10 Sessions for 1 student


Test Buster

$800 Sponsorship - 20 Sessions for 1 student


Semester Prepper

$1600 Sponsorship - 40 Sessions for 1 student


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Sponsor a live visit from our team to a registered classroom for delivery of our interactive Leadership Learning Games and Community Impact Coaching programs. Your support turns classroom lessons into real-life opportunities for youth entrepreneurship and community service.



Classroom Connections

$500 Sponsorship


•  Live interactive leadership games in classroom

•  Parental involvement assignments

•  Internship or community project opportunities with our company

•  Recognition for you or your business as a classroom sponsor

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Contact our team at
for more information about sponsorships
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