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Our Work

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Collaboration Across Regional Schools

Our work history spans across just about every type of school, including all grades of public & private, technical/vocational, "alternative", charter, and university level centers of education. With our new online offerings, we aim to enlarge the geography of our collaboration even more.




Award-Winning New Business Concept

We are the winners of the 2015 Southwest Georgia Bank Business Plan Competition hosted by the Valdosta/Lowndes Chamber of Commerce. This award was judged by members of the local/regional business community, and we received it for providing a timely and highly meritable service poised to make a significant economic impact in our community.

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Speaking & Professional Development

We love the opportunity to share our story to inspire and encourage educators about what is possible when a community rallies around its local schools. We have become sought-after presenters on the topics of Professional Development for Educators, Creative Lesson Planning, STEM, Project-Based Learning, and Whole-Person Preparation for the 21st Century Workplace.

Research & Data Collection

From the very beginning of our project we've assessed our impact and discovered important insights into what it takes to transform students from attendees to learners. We are partnering with local research centers to deepen the breadth of knowledge we've gained over the past two years working with school systems in our region.

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Private & Small-Group Tutoring & Coaching

As a natural outgrowth of our projects in schools, we began offering tutoring services for math and English Language Arts, and incorporating the same Legacy-Minded Servant-Leadership™ principles we present to classrooms. In our first year we worked with over 60 students, with an average grade increase of about 9 percentage points.


230% Growth Since Launch, and Growing

Thanks to the Lord, since October 2014 we have established partnerships in three school districts, took on keynote and conference presentation opportunities, started a major tutoring contract in a neighboring county, and built a partnership with our local technical college. Our growth has been steady and DEBT-FREE, and we’re keeping it that way.

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At Enay Coaching, the key word is LEGACY. We believe it is our responsibility to help schools produce life-long learners who fulfill the needs of their communities, and communities that help serve the needs of the schools. The underlying principles of our coaching systems are an extension of who we, the Enay Coaching team are, as people. We think about how each of our decisions will impact generations to come, and we strive to sow seeds with today’s grade 5-12 learners that will produce a harvest of legacy-minded servant-leaders in the near future.

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